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Blackjack ImageLegally, Atlantic City online blackjack has arrived. Thanks to 2013 legislation which legalized a comprehensive online casino package for New Jersey residents and travelers, you can now enjoy one of the oldest and most popular casino card games of all time legally online through state regulated gambling sites and legal offshore options such as those we recommend below.

Featured Atlantic City NJ Online Blackjack Site

Sun Palace Casino

Sun Palace Promotions

For players who are looking for a game specific welcome bonus that applies to blackjack, Sunpalace Casino will meet that criteria. They provide new players with a 150% match blackjack bonus up to $10,000 free, and the bonus itself is cashable once you meet the wagering requirements. In addition, they provide other game specific bonuses to ensure that regardless of what games you prefer, there is some free money to help you get started. Their game menu is substantial and their security profile exceeds licensing and industry standards to ensure a genuinely secure environment. We like their fast payouts as well. And they are known to really go out of their way to give VIP players the royal treatment.

Legal Online Blackjack Sites Available To All New Jersey Players

Following are the legal Atlantic City online blackjack sites that we consider to be industry leaders. They are each legally licensed and hold genuine compliance certifications from respected third party industry regulators. Their security profile contains the same features and protocols you'd expect to see at world renowned financial institutions, including sophisticated SSL coding and data encryption, advanced fraud prevention systems and highly trained technical teams to monitor them, and high end anti-virus and firewall protection. Their game menus each include a variety of blackjack games, and their software platform provided a smooth performance, nice features, and scored high on reliability. We have vetted each of these brands to ensure that the measured up and provided a safe and secure online gambling environment for players.

Site NameCurrent BonusU.S.Visit Site
Best US Online Casinos
Las Vegas USA150% Max $3,000USA Friendly FlagVisit Site
Sun Palace Casino150% Max $10,000USA Friendly FlagVisit Site
Slots Plus Casino400% Max $10,000USA Friendly FlagVisit Site
Vegas Casino Online150% Max $3,000USA Friendly FlagVisit Site

Is Playing Online Blackjack Legal In The US?

Legal Icon Purple

New Jersey legalized online gambling for their residents and visitors earlier this year when Gov. Chris Christie signed the bill into law, and are working vigorously on engineering a strong infrastructure to support the licensing, regulating, and oversight for the new virtual industry. As soon as all the t's are crossed and i's are dotted, NJ residents will have full access to the states home grown online blackjack gambling instead of needing to travel to enjoy Atlantic City blackjack. Until the state based programs are in full swing, players can still legally access the offshore online casinos providing blackjack gaming options and welcoming Atlantic City players as well as players from all over the United States. Since there is no federal or state law prohibiting Atlantic City players or USA players in general from participating in online gambling at these offshore casinos, the only worry you have is in being extremely selective regarding which brands you will give your business to. You can read about our complex review process in the next section of this page that introduces you to the most secure and trusted Atlantic City online blackjack sites.

When playing Atlantic City online blackjack, never split 5s and always split Aces if allowed. And whether you are sitting down at a physical Golden Nugget black jack table, or accessing their online blackjack offering from your cozy couch or recliner, always double down when your hand totals 11, unless the dealer has an Ace. And when your hand totals 9, you should never double down unless the dealer has 3, 4, 5 or 6 showing. And when the dealer is showing a 6 as his up card, stand when your hand totals 13 or more. There are no guarantees in any casino game, but these basic blackjack strategies will give you the best possible odds and the greatest opportunity at winning over time.

Aside from playing blackjack at one of our featured Atlantic City online casinos, US online gambling law also provides New Jersey and other United States residents the ability to enjoy Internet gambling provided by businesses located outside of the United States. There are reputable and honest Internet bj casinos which have been legally licensed and certified offshore. Many of the management teams running these virtual casinos have been handling online gambling for many years, and deliver an excellent experience, generous rewards and reliable banking suites. This is simply another legal option to Atlantic City online bj, and another way to enjoy the game of 21 from your smartphone or PC.

The casinos located in the Boardwalk, Marina and Downtown districts of Atlantic City also reward you when you access their online casinos and register for an account as a Garden State resident or visitor. You simply have to be 21 years of age to play 21, and your bonuses for funding a real money account include free lodging and free tickets to world-class nightlife and entertainment. Such rewards are used to draw your attention to a particular Atlantic City online blackjack casino rather than its competition, and you should always compare player rewards and welcome bonuses before choosing one casino over another, virtual and "real world" alike.

For New Jersey residents who cannot always travel to the beautiful Boardwalk or magnificent Marina district of Atlantic City for a few sessions of 21, legal Atlantic City online casinos now offer an excellent alternative. Knowing that your virtual casino card game is supported by the AC casino hotel or resort you know and love provides a layer of security and peace of mind when playing online. And the fact that there are also legitimate offshore Internet casinos which offer competitive and generous welcome bonuses and ongoing player rewards to New Jersey and US residents means that these companies are always competing for your business. Competition is always good for the consumer, in this case the Atlantic City online black jack player.

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