Atlantic City NJ Online Sports Betting Guide

USA Sports Betting ImageNew Jersey's case to legalize and regulate online sports betting has finally come to a close.  On May 14, 2018, the United States Supreme Court ruled in New Jersey's favor and determined that the restrictions applied through PASPA were indeed unconstitutional.  PASPA has died a painful death and no longer restricts the expansion of US based sports betting across the country.

New Jersey is free to implement their limited sports wagering initiative and based on the repeal of PASPA, they may even come up with a more robust measure relevant to betting on sports in the Garden State.  Meanwhile, until there are state regulated online sports betting options actually in place in NJ, players can legally bet with an offshore sportsbook that is licensed, regulated and legally sanctioned.  These sites are located outside of the United States in a jurisdiction that has specifically legalized online gambling allowing them to offer their services to US players.  There are no laws that make the act of betting sports online illegal with the exception of Washington State. The remaining federal gambling laws that are in place make the act of accepting bets unlawful, but not placing them.  This is why you don't see any online sportsbooks that operate on US soil.

Legal Online Sportsbooks That Accept All US Players Including NJ

Following are online sports betting sites that we deem to be the best in the industry due to being licensed in a reputable, governing jurisdiction which provides strict regulatory oversight, their compliance certifications were awarded by respected, independent third party industry auditors, and their security profile mirrors that of world class financial institutions. Their selection of betting lines and wagering options is substantial, and their user interface is effective and user friendly. They also offer some incredible bonuses that will get you started off with a big bankroll. The offshore sites offer so much more than the sportsbooks in Las Vegas which is why even the Sharp bettors prefer to wager offshore.

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Best US Online Sportsbooks
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The Legalities Of Sports Betting In The United States And New Jersey!

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Ever since the state of New Jersey legalized online gambling, many web surfers have been trying to decide exactly how to locate Atlantic City online sports betting opportunities. And the sports wagering picture in New Jersey can appear kind of hazy if you do not know exactly what is going on. Basically, Governor Chris Christie legalized a virtual casino package of online gambling, including sports wagering via the Internet. All accounts must be opened through an online portal operated by one of the 12 brick-and-mortar Atlantic City casinos, and then as long as you are located within the physical boundaries of New Jersey, you can legally gamble online.

However, immediately after Christie signed legal online sports betting into reality, all the major professional sports leagues in the United States took offense. Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League and the National Football League joined the National Collegiate Association of Athletics (NCAA) in suing New Jersey, saying that offering online wagering for their sports was in direct violation of the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, a law that prohibits the offering of sports wagering in the United States. U.S. District Judge Michael Shipp agreed, and legal US based Atlantic City online sports betting was pulled off the table.

Governor Chris Christie then appealed, and after a lengthy review by the Supreme Court, they have won their case. SCOTUS declared PASPA as unconstitutional in their ruling on May 14, 2018, and that law no longer prohibits NJ from offering state licensed sportsbook gambling options to residents and visitors to the state.  Since the case has been ongoing for several years, we anticipate that lawmakers and industry professionals have been working behind the scenes to ensure that once the case was over, they'd be able to roll out their sportsbook options fairly quickly.  With the Federal Wire Act still in place, we do not anticipate seeing any state licensed online sportsbooks for some time.

Does this mean that sports betting online in Atlantic City New Jersey is against the law? Absolutely not. There are still legally certified and licensed offshore sportsbooks which offer 24/7 access, and provide it safely and securely. The laws simply apply to United States businesses offering online gambling currently. It is still entirely legal to access an Internet sportsbook from your PC or smartphone, fund your account, and begin placing wagers, as long as the company running your online book is located outside the US.

That means that someone looking for legal Atlantic City online sports betting options can currently turn to reputable operations which are licensed and certified in jurisdictions like Kahnawake, Canada or the Republic of Malta. The qualification procedures there are very strict, and online sportsbooks which are licensed there offer a viable and legal alternative to Atlantic City online sports betting. With Nevada and Delaware also offering some forms of online gambling, and multiple states pushing forward to do the same, Atlantic City online sports wagering will be alive and well for US companies very soon.

Online Sports Betting Legality In Atlantic City

So the bottom line regarding the legality of this venue is that Atlantic City online gambling in the form of many casino games is legally provided by US-run companies. But, if you enjoy placing a wager on a sporting event or contest, you may have to access an officially licensed and certified offshore sportsbook, that is until New Jersey or the United States federal government legalizes an online sports gambling piece of legislation. Either way, your bets are safe and secure, access is provided 24/7, and you can log into your account from your smartphone or any computer with an Internet connection. The 12 Atlantic City brick-and-mortar casinos which will be legally offer other forms of online casino gambling will no doubt add online sports betting to their offerings sooner rather than later, but in the meantime, there are legal and reliable options available to the NJ sports gambler.

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