Atlantic City Resorts Opens First Internet Gambling Lounge

The Resorts Casino Hotel opened up the first ever Internet gambling lounge in the country on Thursday. This came about as part of an effort to be at the forefront of the U.S. online betting industry in its early days.

The lounge is 1,000 square feet and it contains woodgrain, as well as other attractive finishes. It is very similar in appearance to an Apple store. However, the 22 screens which are housed there are available for gamblers to place their bets on the Internet. Even though they are expected to be quite successful, the revenue that is brought in will be fairly marginal compared to what is made through the 70 games on tables and 1,700 slot machines that are near the lounge.

The objective of this lounge is to have gamblers sign up on the website This will allow for the individuals to gamble through the website legally. There will be many casino games offered. This is only possible to use while in New Jersey.

The online betting industry in New Jersey only amassed around $122.9 million in revenue in 2014, which was considerably less than what was predicted for the industry that was launched in November of 2013.

Since this is the first of its kind, the lounge should see amazing revenue growth. Analysts have stated that they believe that the opportunity for revenue growth is fairly limited because the physical casino industry has a large amount of supply. The CEO of Resorts Casino Hotel, Mark Giannantonio, said that there are tens of thousands of individuals who visit every week. He also views the Internet gambling lounge as being designed for people to have fun in an innovate way, and to allow them to speak to professionals as they sign up for the website.

The real estate mogul Morris Bailey, a man who owns the Resorts and has done extensive renovating, thinks that atlantic city online gambling will be amazingly successful. He has partnered with PokerStars, which is an extremely popular poker platform on the web. It has dealt with many issues in terms of gaining approval by United States regulators due to allegations of money laundering and related offenses that resulted in a federal indictment.

Bailey reported that state’s Division of Gaming Enforcement decision will come soon, after the long and difficult process. He is sure that it will be a favorable outcome.

Bailey plans on having a world-class poker room built. This only should attract attention from regular customers and people who never have been to the Resorts. Also, PokerStars is going to implement some of their worldwide tournaments in Atlantic City. Bailey believes that with the help of PokerStars, the revenue of the online casino market will be doubled in a short period of time. The sky is the limit for this new style of gaming and betting, and only time will tell just how successful it can grow to become for the Resorts Casino Hotel and elsewhere in New Jersey.