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Casino Sports Betting To Launch In Atlantic City June 14th

A month ago, the Supreme Court overturned a 26-year ban on domestic sports betting known as the PASPA act. The PASPA act was an American gambling law that prevented states from enacting laws to allow domestic sports betting in their state. 4 states were excluded from the PASPA act: Nevada, Oregon, Montana, and Delaware. These states were excluded because they already had a sports betting operation in place when the PASPA act was enacted in 1992. Now that the PASPA act is ruled unconstitutional by the high court, states have the right to enact state laws to license and regulate domestic sports betting operations if they choose to do so.

New Jersey led the way in the fight against the PASPA act, taking the case all the way to the Supreme Court. After losing the case in the smaller court systems, it seemed unlikely that NJ would prevail but then governor Chris Christie was relentless and appealed the case to the Supreme Court. It came as a surprise when the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) announced that they would review the case. In May of 2018 the Supreme Court decision was released to the public. The SCOTUS ruled that the PASPA act was unconstitutional in the way that it allowed some states to have sports betting while basically blackballing the other states.

In a time where state income is at the top of every state tax assessors list, many states are embracing legal domestic sportsbooks and looking to make some revenue off of the industry. Atlantic City is in the same boat and looking to revamp their casinos by adding sports betting to their casinos. Atlantic city has had its shares of ups and downs over the last couple of decades and now that NJ has won the case against the USA sports leagues, the state has every intention of creating new revenue for their beachfront gambling town.

More than 20 states have already drafted laws to allow sports betting in their state. Arkansas, Georgia, South Carolina, Illinois, and many more have started the process to legalize sports betting. Several states are well on their way to having operational sports betting in their state by the end of 2018. Since New Jersey won the case, many people thought they would be the first state outside the exempted states to start offering legalized sports betting but that might not be the case. Delaware who was prevented from offering single-game sports bets started their system June 5th, 2018. Other states have already passed laws and are waiting to get their systems in place before sports betting is up and running.

Atlantic City is set to start legalized sports betting June 14th, 2018 but not all casinos will have their systems up by that time. The New Jersey racetrack at Mammoth Park is set to start accepting bets and will likely accept the first legal sports bet in New Jersey. Until now, residents were able to legally place bets through licensed offshore sportsbooks accepting Atlantic City bettors. Lawmakers are excited about the business and potential revenue that sports betting could bring to New Jersey. They fought hard to get to this point and now intend to build up their community with the additional revenue sports betting could produce.

The American sporting leagues are still pushing for federal regulation and integrity fees (except NFL), as they claim they need the fee to protect the integrity of the games. It is not likely that we will see any federal regulation of the sports betting industry, but it is still a possibility. The NFL has taken a different stance and instead of asking for integrity fees they are looking at retaining licensing fees for use of their names and association.

As of now, there are 7 open casinos in Atlantic City with another casino in the process of opening. Below you will find their plans for legalized sports betting that will begin in New Jersey on June 14th, 2018.

Borgata Hotel and Casio – Will begin accepting sports bets immediately, plans on opening a new venue in the casino to accept sports bets.

Ocean Resort – Will begin taking bets on sports June 28th. Planning a 7,500 ft sportsbook dead center in the casino.

Resorts Casino – Paired with Draft Kings, internet gaming room will be converted into sports betting center.

Golden Nugget – Plans to have sports betting by the start of NFL season. Won’t be allowed to offer NBA betting since the owner owns an NBA team.

Hard Rock – Will likely have limited sports betting due to a naming rights deal with the Miami Dolphins. The casino is still a few months away from opening its doors.

Tropicana – Has yet to make any statements concerning sports betting.

Bally’s – Has not made a statement concerning sports betting.